2021 Water Main Flushing Schedule

Notice of Water Main Flushing

September 7 - Septemebr 17, 2021

The Town of Wolfville wishes to inform residents that flushing of water mains is scheduled to start on Tuesday Septemebr 7th,  2021. This process is necessary maintenance of the water distribution system throughout the Town.

Included with this notice is a proposed schedule of areas we will be working in each day. The schedule can be affected by weather or other operational issues and therefore is subject to change.

Surrounding areas could also be effected, outside of the scheduled areas.

Full schedule download:   2021 Water Main Flushing Schedule 

During flushing, residents may experience discoloured water or low water pressure. If you experience discoloured water, simply flush your system by running the cold water for several minutes. This will help eliminate any dirt and/or air that may have gotten into the system during the flushing process. It is best to flush through a tap without a strainer such as a bath tub or outside hose bib.

If you have any questions or concerns related to the interruption, please contact the Wolfville Public Works Department at 542-5767 or the Water Department at 542-5767.

The Town of Wolfville apologizes for any inconvenience this may cause.