Budget 2021-22 - Have your say, ask questions and get answers!

Want a chance to ask a question at the Public Budget Meeting tomorrow evening, Feb 18th 6pm - 8 pm on Zoom?

Check out the latest budget info here:https://www.wolfville.ca/component/com_docman/Itemid,264/alias,2852-2021-02-18-budget-public-meeting-presentation-and-draft-budget-v2/category_slug,2021-council-meetings-agendas/view,download/

The meeting will begin with a presentation by the Director of Finance at 6 pm and then go straight into a public question and answer session. Fyi, If we don't have enough questions to fill the 2-hour meeting then it will end earlier than 8 pm.

The meeting will be broadcast on Facebook Live and we will respond to comments/questions posted there in real time.

If you have a question but are not available tomorrow, send us your questions in advance!

For a Zoom link or to send an advance question email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

Have your say, ask questions and get answers!