We will be opening a Comfort centre at Wolfville School at 10:30 am, which will stay open until 4:00 pm (or sooner if power is restored). The purpose of the centre is to have a place to use the washrooms, charge your phones and receive information (which we will also post here as well as required). Our amazing Councillors will be supporting this centre so come and say hello to them if you require this service!

Please avoid non-essential travel and stay off the roads so that road crews and power crews can do their work today. Other Comfort centres available today are:

.- Open now - Canning Fire Dept, 977 J.Jordan Road

- Open now - New Minas Fire Dept, 6 Jones Road

- Open at 1 pm - Coldbrook Lions Club, 1416 South Bishop Road

Open at 11 am - Aylesford Fire Hall, 1083 Park Street