Good neighbours make great neighbourhoods pilot project launches

The neighbourhood bordered by Prospect, Highland, Hillside, and Fairfield Avenue is about to become a testing ground for a new pilot project using a Crime Prevention Through Environmental Design approach. The pilot responds to increasing complaints of loud parties, garbage, broken bottles, loud mufflers, burn-outs, street fights and public urination. 

The purpose of this crime prevention approach is to use built structures and adaptations in the natural environments to deter decisions that precede nuisance or criminal acts. It can also build a sense of community among residents so they can play a part in reducing crime and minimize fear of crime. 

The pilot project includes signage and waste stations, with a goal to increase livability for all community members, and reduce RCMP and compliance officer enforcement, in the diversely populated neighbourhood that is home to long-time residents, young families and students.

In conjunction with outreach being done through a Good Neighbours Group, the pilot is designed to nudge behaviour in a positive direction by connecting actions to potential consequences, especially when community members are on the streets.The pilot project’s messaging will normalize community togetherness while also drawing attention to the potential consequences of unwelcome actions.

While this is a preventative campaign, enforcement of Wolfville’s nuisance party by-law will continue when complaints are reported to the RCMP. In the case of the Nuisance Party By-Law, warnings or fines can be issued to occupants, property owners and landlords.

The pilot will run through the month of October and results will be shared with the community once completed. For additional information, please contact Barb Shaw at (902) 679-9124 or through email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..