Highland Avenue

The Town of Wolfville has awarded a contract for the reconstruction of Highland Avenue between Main Street and Prospect Ave to Dexter Construction Company Limited. The work includes replacement of sanitary, storm and water services, street reconstruction including new base materials, asphalt surfaces, concrete curbs, new concrete sidewalk on both sides of Highland Avenue and reinstatement of disturbed area(s).

Construction is scheduled to start on or about Monday, June 13th, 2016, installation of temporary water will commence on Monday, June 6th. The project is expected to be completed by the end of August 2016.  Hours of work will generally be from 7 am to 7 pm.  While construction is ongoing, the work area will be closed to through traffic during work hours, except for emergency vehicles, construction and local resident traffic. The public are encouraged to avoid the work area whenever possible to avoid delays and motorists are encouraged to utilize an alternate route to avoid the work area. 

The Town of Wolfville encourages open communication during the construction project, particularly in areas adjacent to your property. On site personnel will make every effort to keep residents informed and advised of scheduled interruptions whenever possible. Hatch will provide on-site inspection services on behalf of the Town of Wolfville. Once construction starts, the Hatch inspector is Jim Heaslip who can be reached at (506) 866 0533.  If you have any questions regarding the project please do not hesitate to contact Kevin Kerr, P. Eng., Director of Public Works, at 542-3960 or via email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.; or the Hatch site representative listed above.  Further notifications will be updated at www.wolfville.ca

Additional Information


To perform the scope of work described, the construction area will be closed to through traffic on Highland between Main Street and Prospect during the project to safely facilitate construction. Barricades will be at all access points to the construction zone, with traffic advisors at these locations to allow you access to your property throughout construction. Pedestrian traffic will be accommodated during construction. A copy of the detour route is attached.


Water Supply

The water main on Highland Ave is being replaced. During construction, the contractor will supply your home with water through an above ground temporary piping system. This temporary water system will, in most cases, lay on the edge of the lawn area next to the construction zone. A special hose will be connected from this pipe to your outside tap. Our water utility personnel have conducted a survey to ensure you have a good working outside tap. The Town will install an outside tap for any resident that currently does not have one. This will be done at the Town's expense.

Once the temporary water system is operational, the existing water main will be turned off so the pipes can be removed. You may be connected to this above ground system for several weeks. The installation of the temporary water system is expected to begin the week of June 6th

Please contact on site personnel or the Director of Public Works with information about your property that you feel is important for us to know. This may include such things as drainage pipe locations, property pins, etc.

Vibration from Construction Activity

There may be times during construction that heavy equipment will cause vibration that can be felt in your house. This is normal and would not be expected to cause any damage to your property. If however you feel the vibration is excessive and there is any evidence of damage to your property, please contact someone on the construction team immediately. As a preventative measure, please protect any valuables that could fall from ledges or shelves by placing them on a more stable surface until compaction operations are complete. Construction personnel will make every attempt to keep residents informed of upcoming activity which may result in vibration.