Old Burying Grounds - Wall Repairs

Old Burying Ground on Main Street

Repairs to the Old Burying Ground wall will commence on Tuesday, May 16th, 2017.  The plan is to remove the wall one section at a time and store the stones on site avoiding the gravesites.

As part of the reconstruction two trees behind the western section of the wall will be removed. These trees will not survive the reconstruction and their roots are at least partially responsible for the deterioration of the wall. New trees will be planted in the area but a safe distance from the wall once work is completed.

Construction is expected to take 8 weeks and this section of the sidewalk will be closed to pedestrian traffic to allow the contractor room to work and protect the public.

The contractor is well aware of the historical significance of the site and will make every effort to respect the property and not disturb any of the gravesites.

The public can access the burying ground during construction from Clock Park.