Our Igloo Has Been Built!


Thanks to everyone who came out to Wolfville's Winter Warmer event on Saturday!

Winter Warmer Igloo.jpg

Special thanks to The Idle Threats, who braved the cold to provide us with some great music!

Idle Threats.jpg

Chef Chandana and Chef Charlie from the Port Pub pulled off their ice sculpture of the Wolfville Bloom:

Ice Carving.jpg

Bloom Ice Sculpture.jpg

The Real Scoop Ice Cream & Espresso Shop (Coming Soon to Wolfville!) provided our guests with delicious belgian waffles.

The Real Scoop.jpg

And, of course, we built an igloo that impressed our Hantsport challengers!

Igloo 2.jpg

Celebrate Winter Igloo.jpg

Do It In Wolfville Igloo.jpg

Did you know that 2018 marks 125 years of Wolfville's Incorporation as a Town?

Wolfville 125 Igloo.jpg

Thanks to everyone who brought us their frozen milk cartons to help us build our igloo!

We'll keep the igloo lit up at night for as long as it lasts!