‘Stay Healthy’ Main Street!

Wolfville, are you ready to explore your new ‘Stay Healthy’ Main Street?

Given the Public Health Requirements for Physical Distancing, with the direction of Town council, your Town staff have been hard at work creating a Main Street that is safe for you, as well as your friends and family, as you begin to re-explore Wolfville. The adjustments to the Main Street corridor are intended to improve physical distancing opportunities and create conditions for success.

As businesses begin to reopen, we want to ensure that both yourself and business owners have the space required for safe distancing.

Soon, you will see Main Street evolving, with new spaces for you to distance and utilize.Your feedback on the temporary instalments will be important to us. Stay tuned for opportunities to share your thoughts and perspectives.Stay safe Wolfville, and continue to connect with one another with support, empathy and kindness.

Healthy Main Street June 2020