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Town Hall will re-open on Monday, September 25 to provide service to residents.  Please use our side (accessible) entrance while we work through post-storm repairs. Click here for email options to reach staff and departments digitally. 

2020 Municipal Planning Strategy

The Municipal Planning Strategy (MPS) has been prepared in accordance with the provisions of the Municipal Government Act, Chapter 18, of the Statutes of Nova Scotia, 1998, as amended. 

Application of this MPS and the associated Land Use Bylaw, Design Guidelines and Subdivision Bylaw relate to land within the bounds of the incorporated Town of Wolfville. 

The MPS is Council’s principal guide for decisions on land use and development matters within the Town and is critical to the municipality’s long-term strategic direction. The MPS serves as a guide for residents and interested citizens, in particular for those engaged in residential or commercial development, to gain a more thorough understanding of the Town’s growth management approach. 

The Land Use Bylaw, Design Guidelines and Subdivision Bylaw are the companion documents to the MPS and are the means by which Town Council will carry out the intent of the MPS, as set out in the Municipal Government Act. 

This Municipal Planning Strategy aims to: 

1. Guide Town decisions: By guiding growth and change in accordance with the community’s priorities, needs and vision for the future. 

2. Provide clarity for managed growth: By providing clarity on where, and what type of growth should occur in the Town and how it can be supported. It is intended to provide direction for businesses, landowners, developers, organizations, community groups and residents regarding future development. 

3. Influence the Town’s built form: By informing public realm improvements, street enhancements, park and open space plans, and other municipal land and design decisions. It also provides clear Core Area built form parameters detailed in the Land Use Bylaw and Design Guidelines. 

4. Improve development decision making: This plan introduces different tools and provides clear parameters. Processes should respect all involved in moving the Town toward it’s stated community prioroties.