Walk-able Wolfville Video

Click the link below to view the promotional video for the Walkability campaign:


Have you seen these signs?


The Town of Wolfville and the WBDC, with help from the Heart and Stroke Foundation, have begun a campaign to promote walking in Downtown Wolfville.  

 Are you trying to increase your daily steps?  Let the Town of Wolfville's "Walkability" project help, by showing how easy it is to park and walk to your destination...and get in some steps along the way!

In many Town parking lots, you will see a sign that shows a map of the Downtown, with parking lots and points of interest indicated.  The footprints leading from each parking lot illustrate a path to the center of Downtown, at the corner of Main Street and Central Avenue, as well as showing the distance and the number of steps it would take an average person to walk the route.

The list of parking lots indicates these distances and the number of steps for each lot, as well as the type of parking lot (3-hour or All Day).  

It's really not that far!  The average person takes 1 minute to walk 100 metres, so most parking lots around town are less than 5 minutes to the centre of Downtown!

In the coming weeks there will be a video to promote the project and brochures to match the signs, and to help you find the best place to park in relation to your destination in Wolfville.  These materials will also further explain the health benefits of walking and its role in the prevention of heart disease and stroke.

Get your steps in using the new Wolfville Walkability Maps!