Wolfville Policing Services Review - Public comment

The Wolfville Policing Services Review Committee is looking for feedback from residents and stakeholders in the Town.

To complete the review of our policing services, both online data collection and facilitated engagement sessions are being used to gather insights, experiences, opinions, and perspectives.

The information shared by community members will help the Committee understand local expectations and experiences when it comes to community safety and policing. These expectations and experiences will help guide the Wolfville Policing Review Committee as they develop a request for proposal, as they review the submitted proposals and as they make recommendations to Town Council.

The Policing Service Review allows the Town to explore all options and determine whether the RCMP is the best fit to meet the community’s needs or if another, alternative service delivery model, would be more effective. Please visit https://wolfvilleblooms.ca/wolfville-policing-review to participate in this community process.