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Hennigar’s Farm Market

Hennigar's Farm Market Logo with a red apple and a green background.

A Family Affair

In today's world of depersonalized big-box grocery stores and automated checkout counters, the family-run Hennigar's Farm Market heals the urban warrior's soul. This Eden of nature's goodness dates back to 1921, when Edward and Thelma Hennigar secured land and began farming in Nova Scotia's Annapolis Valley. Edward sold fresh meats and apples to locals. Their son, who took over the farm in '52, found he could sell his bounty by the roadside, right from his truck; before long, he built a fruit stand. Today the family biz consists of a bakery, a gifts section, a greenhouse, a family park, a 2.5-km nature trail and a fish-and-chips stand.

- Reader's Digest, Canada's 30 Best, June 2008