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Wolfville Water Utility

The Town of Wolfville Water Utility is a Public Utility regulated by the Nova Scotia Public Utilities Act. It is owned and operated by the Town of Wolfville and governed by the Wolfville Town Council. It operates as a separate financial entity with revenues collected from user rates approved by the Nova Scotia Utilities and Review Board.

Water Connections 

New property owners are required to enter into a water service contract at the Wolfville Town Office, 359 Main Street from 8:30 am to 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  There is a charge of $100.00 for the creation of a water account.  In addition, individuals constructing new residential units are required to complete a Service Connection Application and pay the required fee for the installation of municipal services to the property line, should they not already exist. A property owner who rents or leases a property or self-contained unit to a tenant or lessee shall be required to open an account for the provision of water at the property rented or leased.

Water Disconnections 

If you are a property owner and have sold your house, please contact Wolfville Town Office at 902-542-3294 and we will arrange to have a final reading done on the date of closing or date your lease has expired.


Utility bills are sent out quarterly in April, July, October and January. Bills are due when rendered.  Bills not paid within 30 days of the date rendered, shall incur an interest charge of 1.5% per each month or part thereof. 

Suspension of Service for Non-Payment of Bills:

According to Schedule D of Rules and Regulations as approved by the Nova Scotia Utility and Review Board “The Utility shall have the right to suspend service to customers whose bills remain unpaid for more than forty calendar days after the date rendered.”  When water service has been suspended for any violation of the Rules and Regulations of the Utility, such water service shall not be re-established until a reconnection charge of $100.00 has been paid to the Utility ($200.00 for reconnections outside of normal working hours).

Utility Bill Rates

1.  Water Consumption Rate     
Per 1,000 imp. gallon   $      5.07
2.  Quarterly Water Base Charge (Based on the size of meter)  
5/8" Meter   $     46.10
3/4" Meter   $     67.00
1" Meter   $    108.80
1 1/2" Meter   $   213.31
2" Meter   $   338.71
3" Meter   $   673.12
4" Meter   $   1,049.33
6" Meter   $   2,094.36
3.  Sewer Rate  
Based on water consumption usage with a minimum charge of $29.85 per quarter   $      6.00 / 1000 Gallons
Or if water consumption is not measured then a flat rate of    $     115 per quarter

A Full copy of the Town of Wolfville Water Utility Schedule of Rates and Charges for Water and Water Services and the Schedule of Rules and Regulations is available as a related document