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Streets, Sidewalks, and Parking

Park and Stroll in Downtown Wolfville

Downtown Wolfville has an abundance of on-street parking and designated parking lots throughout with various time limitations to suit the needs of residents and visitors alike. Parking time limits are posted for awareness.

Winter Parking Ban & Parking Enforcement

The Winter Parking Ban is in effect from December 1st to March 31st of every year. This means that no cars can be parked on the streets of Wolfville from 12:01 am to 6:00 am and from one hour after the start of a snow event to two hours after the snow event has stopped. There are exemptions for physicians, fire and police while carrying out their official duties as well as for operators of commercial vehicles while loading and unloading.  As per Section 139 of the Motor Vehicle Act, vehicles obstructing snow removal or winter maintenance will be removed at the owner’s expense.

All other rules and regulations regarding parking are in effect throughout the year and violations may result in a ticket being issued to the owner of the vehicle. The following list highlights some of violations which are considered hazardous parking situations and may result in a ticket or impoundment of the vehicle:

  • On or within 5 meters of a crosswalk.
  • On a sidewalk.
  • Further than 150mm from the curb.
  • In a fire lane.
  • Within 5 meters of a fire hydrant.
  • In front of a private driveway.
  • Within 10 meters of a stop sign.
  • Within 7.5 meters of a street corner.
  • In a bicycle lane.


Looking for a place to park in the downtown? Check out our map: