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Magic Winery Bus Limited

A photo of the Bay of Fundy from Lucketts Vineyard. The words: "Do you believe in Magic? Come along on an enchanting wine tour experience with us" are over the top of the picture.

Why Choose the Magic Winery Bus

Incredible wineries with unforgettable experiences.

Magic Winery Bus is North America’s only wine tour experience on board a traditional British double-decker bus — and so much more. It’s visiting captivating destinations in one day and learning from local winemakers. It’s tasting fabulous wines and discovering the miraculous terroirs they call home. And  —  to toot our own horn  —  it’s a Destination Canada bucket list experience. Find unforgettable views and unmatched hospitality on Magic Winery Bus.

We also offer charter tour packages for the corporate sector, conferences, and large groups.