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Mayor Donovan makes presentation to Law Amendments Committee in support of Bill 340 

Mayor Donovan joined municipal leaders from across the province to share support for the Municipal Reform Act, Bill 340, at the Law Amendments Committee on Monday afternoon. Bill 340 outlines municipal contributions and grants, providing the basis for a new service exchange agreement between the province and Nova Scotia’s municipalities.

Bill 340 includes a modernized financial capacity grant formula that would provide Wolfville with an additional $276,221 each year.

“The modernized formula will allow us to better meet the demands of a growing and increasingly diverse municipality, along with changing requirements and expectations for transit, active transportation, infrastructure renewal and expansion; accessibility, equity and inclusion legislation; housing and other community services,” Mayor Donovan said in her presentation.

Mayor Donovan urged the committee to recognize how Bill 340 will support the growth and sustainability of the entire province.

“It is fair,” Mayor Donovan said in her comments about the Municipal Reform Act. “It begins to recognize that some mandatory services that municipalities have paid for, over which we have had no say, belong with the province, and (Bill 340) begins to move the needle on available infrastructure dollars for municipalities, for trunks and routes and other initiatives.”