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Storm Clean-up March 3, 2023


Storm clean-up ongoing.

Our Public Works crew started with snow/salting operations early yesterday morning cleaning up the accumulation that fell Wednesday into Thursday morning. By early yesterday (Thursday) afternoon the Town roads, sidewalks and parking lots were salted and clear with pavement visible.

Public works crew continued through the evening keeping up with the heavy snowfall and did an solid job maintaining the roads until they were relieved this morning, at 4am, by more staff.

Crews will continue to clear the roads, sidewalks throughout the day as parking lots were cleaned up first thing this morning and were visually inspected by the Manager of Public Works.

Roads with be completed by the priority list and with the amount of snow received, residents are asked to be patient and use CAUTION when walking or driving near snow plowing equipment and vehicles.

Due to the accumulation of snow that was delivered to us yesterday. snowbanks have significantly increased in height and width and will cause visual distractions and obstruction of views when turning corners and pulling out of driveways. Once again, please use CAUTION when making your way around Town.