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A water conservation advisory issued on August 17 for Wolfville residents and businesses remains in effect. Details can be found by clicking here.

Video cameras installed as pilot project launches

Video camera pilot project

In response to on-going reports of property damage to Town and private property, and in response to escalating nuisance party by-law infractions, the Town of Wolfville has installed targeted video camera systems as part of a one-year pilot project.

The goal of the pilot is to cause a reduction in the amount of property crime and nuisance party by-law infractions within a one year period with the use of the video cameras and the data they will collect.

Video cameras have been installed on the poles in front of:

  • 6 Bay Street
  • 9 Fairfield Street
  • 26 Gaspereau Avenue
  • 10 Harbourside Drive
  • 54 & 24 Highland Avenue
  • 17 Hillside Avenue
  • 434 Main Street
  • 18 & 4 Prospect Street
  • 16 Summer Street

Residents are reminded that nuisance parties, property damage, vandalism and theft need to be reported to the RCMP.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will this always be monitored?

These cameras are not actively monitored, and the footage will only be viewed upon report of a crime or violation.

Where is the data stored?

Data is stored using a secure VMS system (Video Management Software) called Milestone, which is used by Law Enforcement Agencies in Canada. All video footage will be stored in a Microsoft facility in Toronto, Canada. This is a secure Azure hosting facility with Enterprise grade security.

Who has access to this?

Only individuals authorized by the Town’s Chief Administrative Officer will be able to access this data.

How can I access this footage?

For third party access to digital recordings, parties may submit an application pursuant to Part XX, Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy, of the Municipal Government Act.

Why is the town proceeding with this pilot project?

The Town of Wolfville is proceeding with this project in response of on-going reports of property damage, vandalism, safety complaints, and theft.

Property damage includes the on-going removal of street blades/signs and traffic signs, which poses an on-going safety risk to both residents and visitors. Residents have also reported an increase in property damage including damage to cars, theft of patio furniture, business signs and on-going vandalism.