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Water Conservation Advisory Continues for Town of Wolfville

Wolfville, NS –  A water conservation advisory issued on August 17 remains in place for the Town of Wolfville.

The advisory was issued after a problem was discovered with the source water pumping system that supplies the Town’s reservoir. A repair has been completed but this only provides a temporary solution. Until a permanent fix happens, the Town is watching water levels closely.

“We are asking all residents and business owners to continue to be mindful with water use,” Wolfville Mayor Wendy Donovan explained. “We are working on plans and back-up plans but until we have a permanent, secure solution and a solid timeline, water levels remain our focus so conservation efforts must continue.”

At this time, both commercial and residential water users are asked to limit all use of water.

This means no irrigation, watering of lawns or gardens, no washing of vehicles, no filling of swimming or splash pools, and no washing of exterior surfaces. The Splashpad in Willow Park continues to be closed until the advisory is lifted.

There is no impact to the water quality, just the quantity. Updates will continue to be provided as soon as they are available at