Uncommon Common Art

Uncommon Common Art (UCA) is a community wide art exhibit that highlights two of Kings County’s greatest assets - the natural beauty of the Minas Basin Valley and the abundance of creative people who live in the area.

This innovative seasonal project brings visual art out of institutions and galleries and shares it directly with the community, making it accessible to everyone. Through this project we hope to engage and educate about art, environment, physical activity, and our rural community.

Good for the community and the soul, this project takes people to places of beauty literally and figuratively.  It allows people to explore their own “backyard” with a sense of wonder and fun.

UCA is a seasonal project that is launched in mid June and ends in mid October.  In addition to the installations there are ancillary activities; artist talks, summer camp, art workshops, and educational programming in the area schools.

Learn more about Uncommon Common Art on their website


We Live and Drink Local

Nova Scotia and the Annapolis Valley have seen an explosion of craft breweries, cideries, and distilleries in the last few years. Not unlike wine, our craft ciders reflect the terroir and heritage of our region. Local beer and spirits can also be found to incorporate local flavours and tastes year-round. Be sure to sample often so you don't miss out on any of the quality creations being crafted.

Craft Beer, Cider & Spirits Map


Uncover a world of authentic, mouth-watering food

No one celebrates food better than we do in Wolfville. With many a celebrated chef in the region, and situated in the heart of wine country, Wolfville has no shortage of spectacular restaurants. Driven by a focus on the value of local, quality food, influenced by sustainable practices, and with an emphasis on complete culinary enjoyment, the dining scene in Wolfville will appeal to the foodie in all of us. 

Wolfville's Restaurants
Artisanal Food Producers
Local Farm Markets
Culinary Tours

Wolfville's Restaurants 

Click here to peruse our restaurant directory and discover local and international flavours.

Artisanal Food Producers

  • Cosman & Whidden Honey
  • 9925 Highway 1, Greenwich
  • Phone: 902-542-9443
  • Website: novascotiahoney.com
 Fox Hill1 320x191
  • Slow Dough Pastries & Café
  • 416 Main Street, Wolfville
  • Phone: 902-698-1856
  • Website: slowdough.ca

Local Farm Markets

  • Wolfville Farmers' Market
  • 24 Elm Avenue, Wolfville
  • Phone: 902-697-3344
  • Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • Website: wolfvillefarmersmarket.ca
  • Hennigar's Farm Market
  • 10272 Highway 1, Greenwich
  • Phone: 902-542-3503
  • Website: hennigars.com
  • Noggins Corner Farm Market
  • 10009 Highway 1, Greenwich
  • Phone: (902) 542-5515
  • Website: www.nogginsfarm.ca  
  • Porter's Farm Market
  • 688 Belcher Street, Port Willaims
  • Phone: 902-680-6416
  • Website: portersfarmmarket.ca
  • Avery's Farm Market
  • Highway 1, Greenwich
  • Phone: 902-542-0008

 Culinary Tours

In addition to the hop-on, hop-off tours of the Wolfville Magic Winery Bus, other companies offer of wine and food tours in the Annapolis Valley. Click below to find out more.

Each year Wolfville plays host to Devour! The Food Film Fest. Devour! is an incredibly savoury time and offers upwards of 100 events during the festival. Keep your eyes on their site to see what culinary tours and workshops will be offered.

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Internationally-renowned local chef Michael Howell has lots on his plate, and wants to make sure you do to! Contact Michael through Tempestuous Culinary to create a personalized local or international culinary tour just for you. You can also join Michael every summer at Taproot Farms for one of his family farm picnics.

                       Uncork Nova Scotia                                                 Grape Escapes

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Lorum Ipsum

Looking Back On Roger's Hometown Hockey...

Hockey in Wolfville

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Roger's Hometown Hockey FAQs

Who is in charge of organizing this event?
When and where are the events occurring?
How much will it cost to attend the event?
How many people are expected during Rogers Hometown Hockey?
How will you deal with traffic and parking problems that may occur?
Where can I get the most updated information on what will be occurring during Rogers Hometown Hockey.
Is the Town adding extra police or security during this weekend?
How much is the town spending on this event?
What is the economic impact of this event?
Who do I contact if I have a concern?
How can I help out?
I live close to the site. Will it be noisy?
Who do I complain to if I am concerned about noise or unruly behavior over the weekend of November 28th and 29th?
What do I do if I loved this event and wanted more of this type of thing to come to Town?

Who is in charge of organizing this event?

  • A Local Organizing Committee has been working since August to organize this event. It is chaired by Rob Porter, a local resident, and its membership includes representatives from Acadia University, Acadia Minor Hockey, the RMCP, Emergency Services, local service groups, the Mayor of Wolfville and representatives of Town Council and Staff.

When and where are the events occurring?

  • Most of the events will occur in the parking lot at the Acadia Athletics Complex between noon and 6pm on November 28th and 11-6pm on the 29th. There will be an afternoon event on November 27th for local school children that will also take place at the Athletics Complex.

How much will it cost to attend the event?

  • Its free!

How many people are expected during Rogers Hometown Hockey?

  • It could be as many as 8,000 to 10,000 people.

How will you deal with traffic and parking problems that may occur?

  • A bus shuttle will run from New Minas to Wolfville and Grand Pre to Wolfville on November 28th and 29th with confirmation of the Grand Pre shuttle pending. It will drop off and pick up visitors in the Beverage Arts Centre parking lot at the corner of Main and Highland. We are encouraging people to use the shuttle. Businesses are being encouraged to get employees to carpool or park outsidethe downtown. Alternative parking locations will be provided the week before the event.

Where can I get the most updated information on what will be occurring during Rogers Hometown Hockey.

  • The Town’s website will be updated regularly with details www.wolfville.ca.

Is the Town adding extra police or security during this weekend?

  • At this point, we are working with the RCMP and emergency services to ensure that this event goes smoothly. The Town will not be hiring additional security patrols. This is a family friendly event with most of activity occurring during the day.

How much is the town spending on this event?

  • Council has budgeted $25,000, however we hope to spend well less than that.

What is the economic impact of this event?

  • We have been told by the Rogers Hometown Hockey (RHTH) group that there could be an estimated one million dollars in economic spin off for the local economy. This includes over 200 room nights for accomodations, food service to visitors and the RHTH group, money spent in local shops and the visibility that our region will receive. The Town will promote our local business community during this event.

Who do I contact if I have a concern?

  • The Rogers Hometown Hockey hotline is 902-599-3205. It will be active during business hours leading up to the event and during the event itself (noon -6 on Saturday and 11-6 on Sunday).

How can I help out?

  • If you are a business, think about ways you can take advantage of this event. Also, we are asking businesses to decorate their storefronts in red. “Paint the Town Red” is one way of showing your support.
  • If you would like to volunteer, contact the hotline at 902-599-3205.

I live close to the site. Will it be noisy?

  • The event will occur mostly during the day. There may be some late night noise on Sunday, November 29th as the crew tears down the equipment associated with the event to move it to the next location in Brantford, Ontario.

Who do I complain to if I am concerned about noise or unruly behavior over the weekend of November 28th and 29th?

  • Please contact the RCMP to make a complaint at 1-800-803-7267 or if it is an emergency call 911. We would also ask that on Monday, following the event, you follow up with the Town’s Compliance Officer, Blair MacMurtery, at 902-542-3412 so we can be aware of any problems.

What do I do if I loved this event and wanted more of this type of thing to come to Town?

  • We want to hear that too. After the event, we will be doing an evaluation of how it went, what could be improved and lessons learned. Hearing the good stuff is as important as hearing what went wrong.

Roger's Hometown Hockey is Coming to Wolfville this November!


  • Date: Nov. 28 – 29
  • Location: Acadia Arena Parking lot
  • Target Demographic: Children / Families and hockey players throughout the province
  • Estimated Attendance: 8,000 – 10,000
Update: November 3rd, 2015

To: All Wolfville Businesses

When Rogers Hometown Hockey comes to Town the last weekend of November (November 27-29th) we anticipate several thousand additional shoppers, visitors, tourists from across our region. While most of the Rogers “activations” take place in the parking lot adjacent to the Acadia Athletic Complex, the Town will be setting up warming areas in Clock Park and there will be many residents and visitors to attract to our businesses. With all these extra visitors this is a terrific opportunity to get into the spirit, and as Rogers encourages, “PAINT THE TOWN RED”. I would like to encourage you/your business to get into the spirit of this family fun weekend by decorating your storefronts/store windows, in the spirit of this hockey weekend. Appropriate hockey themes include your favourite NHL or Minor Hockey teams, hockey history, hockey weather and wear – whatever creative ideas you can come up with. The more festive the better. You may want to create a bit of competition among your storefronts. The key thing however is fun and festive with a hockey theme.

Update: October 26th, 2015

Celebrating all things hockey, Ron McLean does a remote, live broadcast of a full NHL game, with lots of additional programming including games and activities for children and families.

Event Page

Additional Considerations for Roger’s Hometown Hockey

Hosting this very exciting one-off event presents several challenges along with the positive opportunities. Ensuring safety and functionality of our community during this time of increased visitation includes issues surrounding vehicular traffic, security and ease of transportation. We have formed a Local Organizing Committee to vet issues surrounding operations, marketing and communications for the weekend, and are working diligently on resolving foreseen issues.

Parking & Congestion

We are currently organizing park-and-ride locations on both the East and West end of town, where people may take a free shuttle service to and from our downtown on the Saturday and Sunday of Roger’s Hometown Hockey weekend. In addition, we are working with Acadia University to find alternative parking for all the business owners in town for the Saturday and Sunday of Roger’s Hometown Hockey, in order to free up parking opportunities for customers to navigate the shops in the downtown. We are currently exploring how to manage the increase in traffic for the busy weekend.


The Roger’s Hometown Hockey program concludes at 6:00 PM, at which point the event crew will begin tear down of the site. Work to be done includes deconstruction of tents, and the loading of several tractor trailers, which may go as late as 2:00 AM. Under the current Town of Wolfville Prevention of Excessive Noise bylaw, Roger’s Hometown Hockey will be given an exemption to the noise bylaw. Due to the tight schedule of the Roger’s Hometown Hockey tour the late tear down is unavoidable. The Town of Wolfville is working with Roger’s Hometown Hockey to minimize the disturbance.

Safety & Integrity

Hosting large scale events hold a certain level of risk for attendees, citizens and our town infrastructure. We believe the programs being offered by Roger’s Hometown Hockey should have minimal safety risks, however, we are working with local RCMP, Fire Services, Emergency Health Services and Acadia Security to ensure all safety considerations are in place for the big weekend, in conjunction with standard emergency management procedures.


We hope that this brief informational is the start of good dialogue with the business community on the Roger’s Hometown Hockey event. For ease of access and to help streamline our communications, we have created a Roger’s Hometown Hockey webpage in which we provide both exciting marketing announcements such as the detail of the on-site activities for families to participate in, and also a page where residents and business owners can view how we plan to deal with the increased traffic, security and all other logistics surrounding the event.

We want to hear from you and your business about any and all thoughts you have about the program. A lot of the details are still being finalized around the logistics of the Roger’s Hometown Hockey weekend, and we plan to communicate with our businesses and residents as we solidify plans. We’ve opened a hotline specifically for your questions, and will be posting information to a dedicated Roger’s Hometown Hockey page our website.

The week before Roger’s Hometown Hockey we will be doing an updated informational package.

Contact Us

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We’ve set up a page specifically for addressing Roger’s Hometown Hockey questions and concerns, as well as a hotline:

Roger's Hometown Hockey in Wolfville

HOTLINE: 902-599-3205

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