Wolfville Calendar

Tue Oct 1612:00pQigong Open SessionsVaughan Memorial Library
Tue Oct 167:00pSucceeding at FailingK.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre
Tue Oct 167:00pRon Edmunds Trio & Open MicThe Port Pub
Tue Oct 167:00pOpen Mike & DonnaT.A.N. Cafe
Wed Oct 1711:30aHarvest Home LuncheonUnited Baptist Church
Wed Oct 174:00pMarket SupperFarmers Market
Thu Oct 186:30pRon Edmunds DuoTroy Turkish & Mediterranean Restaurant
Thu Oct 187:30pGravely Ghost WalkClock Park
Fri Oct 199:30aPlayful Pals Play GroupRecreation Centre
Fri Oct 1912:00pStrengthening the Primary Health Care SystemPatterson Hall
Fri Oct 196:30pJazz MannequinsThe Blomidon Inn
Fri Oct 197:00pJam SessionCommunity Hall
Fri Oct 197:00pJam SessionCommunity Hall
Fri Oct 197:00pJulieAl Whittle Theatre
Fri Oct 198:00pPM Blues BandJoe's Food Emporium
Fri Oct 1910:00pFreak ShowThe Anvil Lounge
Sat Oct 207:00aBig BreakfastLions Club
Sat Oct 208:30aFarmers' MarketFarmers Market
Sat Oct 209:30aMike AubeFarmers Market
Sat Oct 201:30pValley Stamp ClubCommunity Centre
Sat Oct 206:00pSteve Lee DuoLa Torta Woodfired Pizzeria
Sat Oct 207:00pKatrina Bishop ~ Odd SongsAl Whittle Theatre
Sat Oct 207:30pSWIGThe Port Pub
Sat Oct 209:00pMike AubePaddy's Pub
Sun Oct 212:00pPWFD Open HouseFire Hall
Mon Oct 222:30pBusy Babies StorytimeMurdoch C. Smith Memorial Library
Mon Oct 223:00pPreschool PalsMurdoch C. Smith Memorial Library
Mon Oct 226:15pWest African Dance with MohamedManning Memorial Chapel
Mon Oct 227:00pEATING ANIMALS Documentary & DiscussionK.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre
Tue Oct 2310:00aFrom Seed to Seed w/The Common ChameleonAl Whittle Theatre
Tue Oct 2312:00pQigong Open SessionsVaughan Memorial Library
Tue Oct 231:00pAll the Time in the World w/What If Wes Anderson Made S’mores?Al Whittle Theatre
Tue Oct 237:00pCharke Cormier DuoK.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre
Tue Oct 237:00pRon Edmunds Trio & Open MicThe Port Pub
Tue Oct 237:00pOpen Mike & DonnaT.A.N. Cafe
Wed Oct 2410:00aThe Superfood Chain w/Conad CompilationAl Whittle Theatre
Wed Oct 241:00pFrom Seed to Seed w/The Common ChameleonAl Whittle Theatre
Wed Oct 244:00pBreakfast for Dinner at the MarketFarmers Market
Wed Oct 244:00pHopped Up HistoryPaddy's Pub
Wed Oct 247:00pHopped Up HistoryPaddy's Pub
Wed Oct 247:00pCanadian Federation of University WomenWu Welcome Centre
Wed Oct 248:00pJiro Dreams of SushiAl Whittle Theatre
Thu Oct 2510:00aUlam: Main Dish w/ A Rising TideAl Whittle Theatre
Thu Oct 2511:30aOur Blood is Wine w/ Lightfoot & WolfvilleAl Whittle Theatre
Thu Oct 252:00pTaste of Nova Scotia Awards ProgramAl Whittle Theatre
Thu Oct 253:30pConstructing Albert w/ Style PointsAl Whittle Theatre
Thu Oct 255:30pAndré – The Voice of Wine w/CorkyAl Whittle Theatre
Thu Oct 256:30pRon Edmunds DuoTroy Turkish & Mediterranean Restaurant
Thu Oct 257:00pPUBLIC TALK - The Caliphate of ManBeveridge Arts Centre
Thu Oct 257:00pSylvia D. HamiltonBeveridge Arts Centre
Thu Oct 258:00pSoufra w/America: The Ice Cream TruckAl Whittle Theatre
Fri Oct 269:30aPlayful Pals Play GroupRecreation Centre
Fri Oct 2610:00aThe BBQ w/ The Foolish Side of FoodAl Whittle Theatre
Fri Oct 2612:30pA Fine Line w/GefilteAl Whittle Theatre
Fri Oct 263:00pWorld Premiere: Six Primrose w/On the Shores of This BayAl Whittle Theatre
Fri Oct 265:00pThe Silver Branch w/The Birth of BreadStudio-Z
Fri Oct 265:30pCharged: The Eduardo Garcia Story w/What if Quentin Tarantino Made Spaghetti & Meatballs? and BaoAl Whittle Theatre
Fri Oct 266:30pJazz MannequinsThe Blomidon Inn
Fri Oct 267:00pJam SessionCommunity Hall
Fri Oct 268:00pDean BrodyConvocation Hall
Fri Oct 268:00pSWIGJoe's Food Emporium
Fri Oct 268:00pThere’s No Place Like Home w/Is You Is My BabyAl Whittle Theatre
Fri Oct 268:30pKnife Skills w/ A Butcher’s Heart & TungrusStudio-Z
Sat Oct 278:30aDevour! The Grills at the MarketFarmers Market
Sat Oct 2710:00aBotanical Alchemy with Plant DyesHarriet Irving Botanical Gardens
Sat Oct 2711:00aScotch: A Golden Dream w/Make Love: Bar ApeAl Whittle Theatre
Sat Oct 271:00pIAmEnoughBeveridge Arts Centre
Sat Oct 271:00pThe Quest for Taste Shorts ProgramAl Whittle Theatre
Sat Oct 272:00pOpen Studio Printmaker Diana BaldwinDiana Baldwin Printmaker
Sat Oct 272:00pThe Empire of Red Gold w/Chapters of Food: Mole is MexicoStudio-Z
Sat Oct 272:00pOnce Again w/The Bite HouseStudio-Z
Sat Oct 273:00pA Conversation about Food w/Questlove & Book Signing with Host Ali HassanHarvey Denton Hall
Sat Oct 274:00pHalloween HouseRandall House Museum
Sat Oct 274:00pTazzeka w/Cups & RobbersStudio-Z
Sat Oct 275:00pFunke w/Proud to be PrairieAl Whittle Theatre
Sat Oct 276:00pSteve Lee DuoLa Torta Woodfired Pizzeria
Sat Oct 276:00pSpooktacular 2018Willowbank Farms
Sat Oct 276:00pHalloween HouseRandall House Museum
Sat Oct 278:00pHalloween HouseRandall House Museum
Sat Oct 278:00pChef Flynn w/Tibor & What If Alfonso Cuaron Made Pancakes?Al Whittle Theatre
Sat Oct 278:30pSecret Ingredient w/Thin SkinnedStudio-Z
Sat Oct 279:00pJack MacDonaldPaddy's Pub
Sun Oct 2810:00aBotanical Ecoprinting on SilkHarriet Irving Botanical Gardens
Sun Oct 281:00pAs Needed (Quanto Basta) w/Red VelvetAl Whittle Theatre
Sun Oct 281:30pThe Heat: A Kitchen Revolution w/Cosmic ConnectionStudio-Z
Sun Oct 282:00pOpen Studio Printmaker Diana BaldwinDiana Baldwin Printmaker
Sun Oct 282:00pHalloween HouseRandall House Museum
Sun Oct 283:30pA Polar Year w/John BilAl Whittle Theatre
Sun Oct 284:00pHalloween HouseRandall House Museum
Sun Oct 284:00pThe Devil We Know w/Soul of a NoshStudio-Z
Sun Oct 285:30pSplinters w/Embrace the Blue and Borscht & Fresh BreadAl Whittle Theatre
Mon Oct 292:30pBusy Babies StorytimeMurdoch C. Smith Memorial Library
Mon Oct 293:00pPreschool PalsMurdoch C. Smith Memorial Library
Mon Oct 296:15pWest African Dance with MohamedManning Memorial Chapel
Mon Oct 297:30pAre Humans Smarter Than Insects?K.C. Irving Environmental Science Centre