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RFP Electronic Voting Provider For Municipal Election


The Town of Wolfville (the Town), through this non-binding Request for Proposals is inviting prospective proponents to submit proposals to provide a fully electronic voting system (‘E-Voting’) for the October 2024 municipal election.  The Town, in an effort to streamline the process, increase voter participation and reduce the amount of staff resources required in running a municipal election, is conducting an electronic only election.  

For the purposes of this RFP, E-Voting shall be defined as the ability for electors to cast their ballots using the internet, wireless devices and mobile or landline telephones, exclusively.  No paper ballots will be utilized.  

While the focus of this solicitation will be the 2024 Municipal Election, the intention is to utilize the successful Proponent’s E-voting services for any subsequent unforeseen Special Elections that may be required by the Town, up until October 2028.  Should a Special Election be required, the Town will request updated pricing and notice of availability from the successful Proponent.  If the successful Proponent does not have available resources to appropriately facilitate the special election(s), or, if the successful Proponent provides a quote which, at the Town’s sole discretion, is deemed uncompetitive, the Town will proceed with a public solicitation for proposals.