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Support during the extreme cold

With extremely cold weather expected, Open Arms has made some temporary modifications to their Emergency Shelter.

In addition to Open Arms’ regular emergency shelter beds available in Kentville, an additional 10 shelter beds will be available for both Friday, February 3rd and Saturday, February 4th. 

These beds will be available by calling the Emergency Shelter Line, 902-679-1202. The Emergency Shelter Line is answered 365 days a year, 24 hours a day, by on-duty shelter staff.  When you call this line staff at Open Arms will assist with directions and any needed transportation support to the closest available shelter bed. 

Warming Centre at Wolfville Baptist Church

Wolfville Baptist, located at 487 Main Street, will open as a warming centre from 12pm to 7pm on Friday, February 3 and from 7am to 7pm on Saturday, February 4. 

Warming Centre at Lion's Hall

Lion's Hall, located at 36 Elm Avenue, will open from 8am to noon on Saturday, February 4. Hot beverages will be available.