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Volunteer of the Year - Bob Lutes

Congratulations to Bob Lutes.

Bob was nominated by the Town as Volunteer of the Year and that he was recognized at a ceremony on Nov. 7 by the Lieutenant General of Nova Scotia.

As a university town, Wolfville welcomes many young women and men to our residential neighborhoods. Bob has worked very hard to nurture positive relationships, forging lifelong friendships with many students over the years, offering unconditional support and mentorship.

When pandemic restrictions changed the social dynamic of the community, students lacked recreational activities and social opportunities, resulting in negative impacts in campus neighborhoods. Bob started the Good Neighbours group to ensure issues were being discussed with residents, student leaders, town staff and University administration to work towards reasonable solutions.

Bob’s tenacity keeps him working to increase awareness and understanding amongst community stakeholders and continues to inspire positive change in our community.


Bob Lutes