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Wolfville urged to continue with water conservation

Wolfville, NS – A water conservation advisory issued on August 17 for Wolfville residents and businesses is expected to remain in effect for a number of weeks.

The water conservation advisory was issued after a problem was discovered with the source water pumping system that supplies the Town’s reservoir. A repair providing a temporary fix is holding-up, but this only provides a interim solution. A permanent fix requires parts that remain scarce due to supply chain impacts, so until this fix happens, the Town is watching water levels closely and asking both residential and commercial users to limit use of water.

Water conservation will look different for each Town water customer but easy ways to help include choosing showers over baths, wearing clothes a few more times before washing them, flushing your toilet less frequently, stop watering your lawn and garden, and please stop washing cars. Commercial users are asked to make usage decisions that reflect their individual needs and production requirements.

In addition to these recommendations, the Town has temporarily closed the Willow Park Splash Pad and halted irrigation programs.

“We continue to urge all residents and business owners to be mindful with water use,” Wolfville Mayor Wendy Donovan explained. “Water levels in our reservoir are our primary concern so conservation efforts must continue.”

There is no impact to the water quality, just the quantity. Updates will continue to be provided at as they become available.