Clock Park

Clock Park was donated by Arthur Irving to the Town in 1999.  The site has a rich history in Wolfville; from a seminary to a hotel, to a student residence and a service station.  The park is now a beautiful green space in downtown Wolfville where residents and visitors alike can gather for lunch or special events.


Waterfront Park

Waterfront Park offers stunning views the Acadian dykes, Minas Basin and the red cliffs of Cape Blomidon. Waterfront Park is a great place to start a hike or bike and then to revisit to enjoy a picnic lunch at the gazebo.


Rotary Field

Located at the east end of Wolfville on Victoria Avenue, Rotary field is home to an abundance of recreational opportunities.  Leased to the Town beginning in 1976, by the Rotary Club of Wolfville, the Town has since assumed responsibility for its maintenance.  Rotary Park now houses:

  • A field house with office space, multipurpose room and three seasonal room
  • Three paved tennis courts
  • Two soccer fields
  • A tot playground.

In 1949, Dr. Lalia Chase, Port Williams, leased an eight acre field to The Rotary Club of Wolfville for recreational facilities.  Subsequently, the Club purchased and inherited this and additional land, expanding the northern boundaries and providing access to the field.  In 1976 the Club leased the land to the Town and continues to lease it to this day.  The Town appreciates working with the Rotary Club of Wolfville on projects that improve our community.