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Reservoir Park

Reservoir Park is a popular destination in each season. 

Cool off in the Reservoir and enjoy our unsupervised beach in the warm weather. A vault toilet, picnic tables and change area are available. 

Dogs will enjoy being leash free in Reservoir Park – especially those pooches who enjoy swimming laps.

Reservoir Park trails have a direct connection with the Millennium Trail and the Mountain Bike Trails. Our skills park is a great place to practice your technical abilities.

There are 1.8 kilometres of trails in Reservoir Park, including a scenic loop around two former reservoir ponds.

Check out the great view of Blomidon from the look-off in the rear of the Park and enjoy day dreaming in the tranquility of this popular family-friendly location. 

Testing for cyanobacteria (blue-green algae)

During the warmer weather, engineering students from Acadia University sample water from both ponds at Reservoir Park to test for cyanobacteria.


The students also complete a visual inspection of the ponds.

Testing continues through to the end of September.

If cyanobacteria levels are of concern, signs will be posted in the park and notification will be provided on our website and Facebook. Tests will be repeated until results come back at an acceptable level.

Please note - the grab sample represents a moment in time and all users of the Reservoir Park Ponds are encouraged to be aware of what blue-green algae looks like.

Blue-green algae tends to develop when a period of hot, dry weather is followed by a heavy rainfall. It’s becoming more common because of warmer temperatures and more intense storms caused by climate change. 

Despite the name, blue-green algae can be turquoise, green, brown, red, white or mixes of these colours. Blue-green algae blooms can look like fine grass clippings in the water, spilled paint or pea soup. Sometimes they look like a thick scum on the surface. They often smell musty or grassy when healthy and like ammonia when decomposing.

There may also be algae mats at the bottom of clear shallow areas of lakes and rivers or on the shoreline. The algae mats look like clumps of vegetation and can appear black, brown or dark green in the water.

On the shoreline, they may appear brown or grey once they have dried. Animals are attracted to their odour and may try to eat them. Keep children and pets away from algae mats.