Get off the beaten path

Start your adventure in Wolfville with a hike through one of Wolfville’s many trails or plan a day trip to Cape Split or Blomidon Provincial Park!

Acadia’s Woodland Trails

This system is made up of approximately 2.3 kilometres of trails winding their way through approximately 50 acres of woodland.

Millennium Trails

Beginning at the Wolfville Harbour, it finds its way through Willow Park and Rotary Field then through the Sherwood Ravine to end in Reservoir Park at the east extremity of Pleasant Street.  This trail system has approximately 2 kilometres of trail.

The Wolfville Millennium Trail Adventure is a great way to explore the 'Wild Side of Town' 

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'The animals of Wolfville want to invite you on an adventure into their world. The wild side of town! Can you survive as an animal in town? Can you outsmart the humans and avoid being seen? Use your animal senses to explore the paths ahead and try not to get caught?' Are you ready for an Adventure, find out more adevnture details by visiting

Wolfville’s Rail Trail

This trail is located adjacent to the old railway tracks in Wolfville.  The trail begins at Victoria Lane and continues westward a distance of 1.8 kilometres to end at Cherry Lane.  The portion of trail from Elm Avenue to Cherry Lane was built with the assistance from the Kieran Pathways Society.

Reservoir Park Trails

These trails have a direct connection with the Millennium and Mountain Bike Trails.  There are 1.8 kilometres of trails in Reservoir Park, of which the majority travel around two former reservoir pond.

For a map of Wolfville's Hiking Trails: Click here


Outside of Wolfville

Cape Split

If you are looking for a day hike and a spectacular view, visit Cape Split!  The 16 km trail is located roughly 20 minutes outside of Wolfville.  If you choose this adventure give yourself at least 5 hours to hike out.  Pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic while viewing one of Nova Scotia’s most famous rock formations.  For more information visit

Blomidon Provincial Park

Located 15 minutes outside of Wolfville is Blomidon Provincial Park where you can enjoy 14 km of all season trails with numerous panoramic views of the Minas Basin.