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Environmental Education Camps 2024

Registration will open Wednesday April 3rd at 9:00am. Registration can be completed through our new online registration system at the following link:

Camps filled up extremely quick last year, registration is on a first come first served basis through the link above.

Camps will run Monday-Friday 8:30am-4:30pm and will take place at the Recreation Center (7 Victoria Ave). Most of the camps will take place outside so dress appropriate for the weather. More details will be given for each camp closer to the time.

 Please see below for the information for each of the camps this summer.

Bio Explorers Camp 

July 2-5 (Ages 6-9) **4 day week, no camp on Monday due to Canada Day**

Are you ready to embark on an unforgettable adventure as a biology explorer? We invite you to take an exciting journey through the fascinating world on Wolfville’s blooming biology. This camp is designed to spark curiosity through DIY science experiments, botanical adventures, and identifying local ecosystems. We encourage curiosity and creativity!

Harvest Haven Camp

July 8-12 (Ages 6-9)

Welcome to Harvest Haven at Wolfville’s summer camps! We invite young harvesters for an amazing week of farming, harvesting, and nature exploration. At Harvest Haven, campers will have hands-on experiences to foster a sense of environmental responsibility and connect with the same soil our food grows from. We will have a jam packed week full of gardening, farm-to-table cooking, and sustainable activities.

Wilderness Warriors

July 15-19 (Ages 10-13)

We’re thrilled to invite adventurous explorers for a journey into the heart of Wolfville’s wilderness! Wilderness Warriors offers an immersive experience where campers can learn essential wilderness skills, connect with nature, and build confidence in the great outdoors. We will spend our week outdoors learning survival skills, wilderness navigation, and wildlife tracking.

Girls for Adventure

July 22-26 (Ages 7-13)

We’re excited to offer a safe and supportive environment for girls to have an unforgettable week in the great outdoors! Girls for Adventure embraces the great outdoors, building confidence, and empowering young girls to challenge themselves to discover their potential. We will spend our week hiking, crafting, and hanging out in Wolfville’s wonderful woods.

Earth Quest Expedition Camp

July 29- Aug 2, (Ages 6-9)

At Earth Quest Expedition Camp, campers will take part in an Amazing Race style environmental experience. Throughout the week, campers will solve environmental puzzles to uncover the wonders of Wolfville. Our mission at Earth Quest Expedition is to inspire the next generation of leaders by doing hands-on challenges and adventures. We will focus our week doing outdoor team challenges!

Young Wilderness Warriors

Aug 12-16, (Ages 6-9)

Calling all young wilderness warriors! Young Wilderness Warriors offers a unique of blend of nature observation, wilderness survival skills, and outdoor stewardship. Join us to discover the magical world of Wolfville’s wilderness while engaging in environmental stewardship for our future generation. We will spend our week learning about the necessary survival skills to navigate the great outdoors for years to come.

Water Wonders Camp

Aug 19-23: (Ages 6-9)

At Water Wonders camp, campers will explore the aquatic world and develop essential environmental skills for Wolfville’s waterways through water exploration, watercrafts, and engaging in conservation efforts. Learning about water quality, species identification, and habitat restoration it will be an action packed week to spark curiosity!

Foodie Fun Camp

Aug 26-29: Food (Ages 10-13) **4 day week, no camp on Friday**

Calling all foodies! We would like the share the week with campers and cook up a feast! Spending our time outdoors learning where our food comes from, getting some hands-on harvesting skills, and cooking our own food to sparking curiosity for our future food driven environmentalists. Understanding the importance of Annapolis Valley in our food systems, we will have a full week of learning, exploring, and eating!


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