Robie Tufts Nature Centre

In addition to our natural scenic wonders, Wolfville is also a home for wildlife. The Robie Tufts Nature Centre was constructed to preserve one of the few local homes (the building’s chimney) of a species of migratory bird called chimney swifts. In addition to protecting the swifts' habitat and providing people with the opportunity to observe their spectacular antics, this interpretative centre seeks to promote awareness of and interest in local natural history and the environment.

We welcome all visitors to relax or picnic in this natural area and view beautiful Cape Blomidon from the midst of Wolfville. Nearby, you can wander through Wolfville's first Peace Park. Twelve rhododendrons have been planted in an oval to represent the 10 provinces and two territories.

To maintain this centre and to circulate informative materials and brochures, the Blomidon Naturalists Society relies on the donations from the public. The Robie Tufts Nature Centre is a tribute to the enormous community support that the project receives, and continued support will ensure the swifts' return for years to come.