Grants to Organizations

The Grants to Organizations program is designed provide financial assistance to non-profit organizations or registered charities that:

  • Operate facilities that are used by residents of the Town,
  • Organize or operate programs for the benefit of the residents of the Town, or
  • Coordinate or implement festivals or events in the Town.

Applicants must demonstrate a financial need to be eligible for funding.

All decisions are subject to Town Council discretion and approval.

Community Partnership Program Grant

The Community Partnership Program Grant is available to community groups that organize or operate programs/events in the Town of Wolfville. It aims to enhance the vibrancy of our Town by supporting organizations whose programs and/or events benefit the community by promoting active living and exploration of the past to enrich the lives of community members.

  • Applications must be received by March 31st, 2017. Late applications will be disqualified. The maximum amount available through this program is $2000.00 per fiscal year. 
  •   View the application form here.

One-Time Opportunities Grant

The Festivals and Events Grant is designed to help offset the costs associated with coordinating and implementing a new festival or event that attract participants to Wolfville.  Priority will be given to festivals and events that attract participants from outside of the local catchment area (Kentville to Windsor).  The following criteria will be used to determine the maximum amount available to applicants under the Community Partnership Program – Festivals & Events Grant:

  • The applicant must provide a business plan for their festival or event and include the following information:
    • Purpose and goals of event
    • Core elements of the event
    • Target markets (demographics and location – i.e. local, Halifax, international)
  • Based on the total number of expected participants the guidelines will be used to determine the maximum level of funding available to the applicant:
    • Less than 500 participants       $   500
    • 500 - 1,000 participants            $1,000
    • 1,001 - 1,500 participants         $2,000
    • 1,501 participants or above      $5,000
  • Applicants will be eligible to re-apply for a maximum of five years.  Applicants in this category will become ineligible at such a time the Community Partnership Program is not required for their financial sustainability.

Strategic Partnership Program

The Strategic Partnership Program Grant is designed to help offset program costs and help to keep registration and program fees affordable for Wolfville residents. The following criteria were used to determine which applicants received funding and how much they received:

  • The applicant must have shown, based on the previous year, the number of participants aged 18 and under who participated in their program, as well as those participants aged 55 and older.  The applicant must have shown the number of participants who were Wolfville residents and the number who were not.
  • The participation grant calculation was based on the number of Wolfville residents aged 18 and under and aged 55 and over multiplied by $5. 
  • The facility rental grant calculation was based on the total rental cost multiplied by 20% multiplied by the number of Wolfville residents divided by the total number of participants.
  • Applicants may still apply, once every two years, for a special project grant of $1,000.  Applicants must submit a separate budget, detailed description and objective/goal for the special project.  

 The following grants were awarded for the 2017-2021 SSP Grant period:

  • Acadia Cinema Coop - $4,500
  • Deep Roots Music Festival - $5,000
  • Devour! The Food Film Festival - $5,000
  • Valley Harvest Marathon - $5,000
  • Wolfville Curling Club - $2,850
  • Wolfville Farmers' Market - $5,000
  • Wolfville Historical Society - $10,000
  • Wolfville Lions Club - $4,500
  • Wolfville Magic Winery Bus - $5,000