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The Water Conservation Advisory issued for the Town of Wolfville remains in place through November. For details, click here.

Wolfville Acadia Town & Gown Committee

The primary purpose of the Wolfville Acadia Town and Gown Committee is to develop and enhance relationships, communications and policies among Acadia students, community, residents, police and the Town. This objective will be achieved by addressing issues of common concern such as neighbourhood relations, housing, the environment, economic activities, recreational and cultural events, health and safety issues and academic outreach.


  • Wendy Donovan, Mayor
  • Mike Butler, Councillor
  • Erin Beaudin, CAO
  • Shelley Fleckenstein, Board of Governors, Acadia
  • Dr. Peter Ricketts, President and Vice-Chancellor, Acadia University
  • Chris Callbeck, Vice-President, Finance and Administration and CFO, Acadia University
  • Sadie McAlear, Acadia Student Union President
  • Jo-Anne Kobelt, Community member
  • Sam Taylor, ASU Community Relations


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