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Low Income Property Tax Exemption

The Town’s Low Income Property Tax Exemption amount and threshold are set by Town Council.

For 2023-24:

The maximum exemption increased to $1,000 (was $780) per property.

The household income threshold increased to $38,000 (was $31,500).

You can qualify for the maximum property tax exemption of $1,000 if:

  • Your total Income is less than $38,000, (the total income includes the income of all members of the same family residing in the household) AND
  • You own and live in the house as your primary residence

PLEASE NOTE: If you qualify, the $1,000.00 Property Tax Exemption will be deducted from your Final Tax Bill in September, 2023.

Application deadline:

Please submit your application to Town Hall by July 31, 2023.