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The Water Conservation Advisory issued for the Town of Wolfville remains in place through November. For details, click here.

Planning Advisory Committee

Planning for the best use of Wolfville’s physical spaces is directly linked to the enjoyment of our Town. The Planning Advisory Committee is responsible for providing clear and complete advice and policy options to Council on issues related to the development, standards, and planning of our town’s spaces.

The Planning Advisory Committee works in the following areas:

  • Land Use Planning
  • Heritage Planning and Preservation
  • Environmental Issues
  • Building Standards
  • Housing Issues
  • Parks, Trails, Playgrounds and Open Space Planning
  • Landscaping and Beautification of Municipal Property; and
  • Any other related matter referred to this Committee by Council or by the Chief Administrative Officer

If you would like to submit questions, concerns or general input regarding an agenda item at an upcoming meeting, feel free to contact the Planning Advisory Committee by email:  


  • Isabel Madeira-Vos, Deputy Mayor (Chair)
  • Wendy Elliott, Councillor, one year term
  • Jennifer Ingham, Councillor, one year term
  • George Lohnes - Member at Large, two year term
  • Alice Cohen - Member at Large, three year term
  • Beverley Boyd - Member at Large, two year term
  • Mark Bishop - Member at Large, three year term
  • David MacKinnon - Member at Large, three year term
  • Mayor Wendy Donovan, ex-officio
  • Erin Beaudin - CAO, ex-officio
  • Devin Lake - Director of Planning & Development, ex-officio

Committees of Council Policy #110-001

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Planning Advisory Committee Meeting November 10, 2022
November 04, 2022
Committee Meeting Records
PAC Agenda Package_November 10, 2022