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Strategic Partnership Program

The Strategic Partnership Program funding agreements will be reviewed every four years. The next opportunity for submission is 2021. The maximum amount awarded to any group for any Strategic Partnership Program grant will not exceed $5,000.

The Town will provide financial assistance to support facility operators who provide affordable multipurpose recreational space to the community or to Signature Festivals or Events that:

  • Are long-standing festivals or events (operating for a minimum of four years);
  • The Town has a partnership beyond a funding contributor with;
  • Is primarily located in the Town of Wolfville;
  • Have completed an Economic Impact Study to demonstrate the significant contribution of non-residential participants who attend the event; and
  • Community organizations that building community capacity and provide benefit to the community as outlined in Schedule A.

To be eligible for the SPP funding the organization must:

  • Enter into a Funding Agreement (Appendix A) with the Town;
  • Provide Financial Statements to the Town annually;
  • Be aligned with Council’s Strategic Plan or other Town Strategies; and
  • Be an entity recognized under Section 65 (au) of the Municipal Government Act.
  • If the organization no longer meets the above criteria or fails to meet any provisions within the Partnership Agreement, the financial assistance will cease in the current fiscal year.

 The following grants were awarded for the 2017-2021 SSP Grant period:

Organization  SPP Grant
Acadia Cinema Co-op $4,500
Wolfville Curling Club $4,500
Wolfville Lions Club $2,850
 Acadia Performing Arts $5,000
Deep Roots Music Cooperative $5,000
Devour! The Food Film Festival $5,000
Valley Harvest Marathon $5,000
Valley Summer Theatre $5,000
Wolfville Magic Winery Bus $5,000
Wolfville Farmers' Market $5,000