Source Water Protection Advisory Committee

The Delivery of safe water to consumers is the top priority for Water Utilities. The approach to achieve this in Nova Scotia and in many areas throughout the world is the Multiple-Barrier Approach. This is a series of steps taken by the water supplier which together provide multiple layers of protection to ensure that safe water is delivered to the consumer.

In Nova Scotia the barriers outlined in the Province’s Drinking Water Strategy are as follows:

  1. Keeping it Clean - by insuring that the water source is protected from contamination
  2. Making it Safe - by providing the required treatment
  3. Proving it Safe - through continuous testing and monitoring

The Town of Wolfville Water Utility (Utility) has a complete program of water treatment, testing and monitoring in full compliance with all regulations to provide a finished product which meets or exceeds the Guidelines for Canadian Drinking Water Quality as published by Health Canada.

To complete the multiple-barriers of protection the Utility adopt a Source Water (wellhead) Protection Plan to ensure the source water remains clean.

Guided by the Source Water Protection Plan, the objective of the Source Water Protection Advisory Committee is to provide the Water Utility with advice that will attempt to satisfy the water quality and quantity concerns of all stakeholders; about the sources of contamination in the source water supply area; about the management options available, and about the success of the protection plan.


Oonagh Proudfoot, Councillor (Chair)
Wendy Elliott, Councillor (1 year term)
Kings County representative (tbd)
Acadia University representative (tbd)
Representative of Nova Scotia Department of Agriculture and Fisheries (tbd)
2 At-large members from the Town of Wolfville (Vacant)
1 At-large member from the County of Kings (Vacant)

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Source Water Protection Advisory Committee Policy

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