Wolfville Tax Rates

2017/18 Tax Rates (per $100 of Assessment)

Assessment Class Tax Rate

Residential: 1.45
Commercial: 3.56 

In addition, the Town levies a Fire Protection Rate on all Town properties. This rate is usually set in July

Property Taxation

Property Valuation Services Corporation is responsible for determining your property’s market value (assessment) and Wolfville Town Council sets the municipal tax rate for residential and commercial properties during the annual budget process. These two values are used to calculate your property tax bill.

Tax bills are sent out bi-annually in April and September.

To pay your tax bill online please click here.

You should receive an assessment notice from PVSC every January. If you have questions or feel that the assessed value is not a reasonable reflection of market value as of the base date, you should contact PVSC at 1-800-380-7775.

You have the option to appeal your assessment. Please remember your appeal must be received at the PVSC office within 21 days of the date of service on your notice. Simply follow the instructions on your assessment notice. Please note that only your market value assessment can be appealed.

For more information on PVSC visit www.pvsc.ca