Wolfville Acadia Town & Gown Committee

The primary purpose of the Wolfvile Acadia Town and Gown Committee is to develop and enhance relationships, communications and policies among Acadia students, community, residents, police and Town. This objective would be achieved by addressing issues of common concern and may include neighbourhood relations, housing, the environment, economic activities, recreational and cultural events, health and safety issues and academic outreach.


Oonagh Proudfoot, Councillor (Chair)
Jeff Cantwell, Mayor
Erin Beaudin, CAO
Patrick Difford, Acadia Director Safety and Security
James Sanford, Acadia Senior Director of Student Affairs
Grace Hamilton-Burge, Acadia Student Union President 
Christopher Saulnier, ASU Community Relations Officer
Sgt. Andrew Buckle, Wolfville RCMP

Committee Reference Material

Wolfville Acadia Town & Gown Policy

2018 Town and Gown Meeting Documents

Meeting DateAgendaMinutes

2017 Town and Gown Meeting Documents

Meeting DateAgendaMinutes
2017-12-12 Meeting Cancelled  
2017-11-21 Meeting Cancelled
2017-10-31 View  
2017-09-19 View View
2017-06-20 Meeting Cancelled  
2017-05-16 View View
2017-04-18 Meeting Cancelled  
2017-03-21 View View
2017-01-24 View View

2016 Town and Gown Meeting Documents

Meeting DateAgendaMinutes
2016-12-13 Meeting Cancelled  
2016-11-22 Meeting Cancelled  
2016-10-25 No October Meeting  
2016-09-27 View View
2016-08 No August Meeting
2016-07-26 View View
2016-06 No June Meeting
2016-05-24 View View
2016-04-26 View View
2016-03-22 View View
2016-02-23 View View

2015 Town and Gown Meeting Documents

Meeting DateAgendaMinutes
2015-11-24 View View
2015-09-29 View View
2015-07-28 View View
2015-06-30 View View
2015-05-26 View View
2015-04-29 View View
2015-03-31 View View
2015-02-09 View View
2015-01-27 View