Mayor's Welcome

Mayor Donovan 2
Wendy Donovan

It is my privilege and pleasure to welcome you to the Town of Wolfville website. I hope you find answers to questions you have about the town, the organizations who make Wolfville the special community it is, and your Council.

We begin this Council Term in the midst of a serious, world-wide pandemic. Many of the things we love about Wolfville – the easy comradery, the social activities, community events and community meetings, will happen a little differently for the time being.

We can make this time work for us, and for an even better future. This lull in “life as normal” is an opportunity to build foundations and consider initiatives that support the future we want. That will surely serve us well. Technology, that has been so helpful in keeping us together while physically apart, can help us share and build our ideas, our concerns, our aspirations. Over the coming months we hope to expand and promote the ways you connect with the Town and with your Council. When normal does return, and it will, we may find we are closer and more successful than before this unique time in our history. You are always welcome to offer your opinion on how we are doing, on how we might do things differently. Together we will build our best future.

In closing, to the residents, businesses, and visitors to Wolfville, we are fortunate to have each other. We are fortunate to have this Town with all its vibrancy, beauty and potential. We can be a leader in using this time to make our Town and our region an example and an inspiration of how together a community can weather a difficult time and come out of that time better than before.

Mayor Wendy Donovan