Here’s how we’re working hard for you.

Wolfville is your town. It’s where you live, where you raise your family, and where you imagine your future. We know that you depend on your municipal government to reflect your needs and wishes for the place you love and call home. Consider this section your resource for every decision and initiative that makes Wolfville an incredible place to live, and every way that you can get involved.

The role of Town staff is to deliver proactive, effective and responsive services; promote citizen-based involvement and problem solving; foster an atmosphere of quality service to citizens with an open and responsive manner; promote learning, co-operation, and shared resources; encourage alternative, creative, and effective methods of service delivery; and support Council decision making.

The Town's civic vision is a community based on respect for all people, property, and the environment; a community where there is adequate housing, appropriate employment, personal security, and cultural enjoyment.

Remember, you are more than a citizen. You are a part of the mindshare that makes Wolfville work. You are always welcome in your own home.