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As a result of water damage during the weekend storm, Town Hall will remain closed to the public for the remainder of the week. We are working to re-open for Monday, September 25 . We apologize for any inconvenience. Click here for email options to reach staff and departments digitally. 

Engineering and Public Works

Engineering and Public Works  

The Department is responsible for two services areas – Public Works and Water Utility. 

Wolfville Engineering and Public Works provide summer and winter maintenance of streets and sidewalks and maintains the Town’s sewage collection and storm water collection systems. The Department also maintains and repairs Town owned facilities and equipment.

Water Utility:

Wolfville’s Water Utility is responsible for providing quality potable water to Wolfville customers and maintaining all infrastructure owned by the Utility.  

The Wolfville Public Works Department is run out of a facility at 200 Dykelands Street. The building was constructed in 1990 with attention to architectural values to compliment surrounding commercial uses.

Operational Statistics:

  • 33.2 km of Roads
  • 24.6 km of Sidewalks
  • 50.6 km Water Main and Lateral Pipe
  • 32.2 km of Storm Water Main and Lateral Pipe
  • 41.5 km of Sewer Main and Lateral Pipe
  • 6 Lift Stations
  • 2 Water Pumping Stations
  • 27 Pieces of Town equipment
  • 7 Town Facilities
  • 11 Town Parking Lots