Planning Advisory Committee

The residents of Wolfville place a high value on the importance of the land around them,which is why planning the best use of Wolfville’s physical spaces is so crucial. The Planning Advisory Committee is responsible for providing clear and complete advice and policy options to Council on issues related to the development, standards, and planning of our town’s spaces.

Following are the specific areas in which the Planning Advisory Committee works:

  • Land Use Planning
  • Heritage Planning and Preservation
  • Environmental Issues
  • Building Standards
  • Housing Issues
  • Parks, Trails, Playgrounds and Open Space Planning
  • Landscaping and Beautification of Municipal Property; and
  • Any other related matter referred to this Committee by Council or by the Chief Administrative Officer


Carl Oldham, Deputy Mayor (Chair)
Wendy Donovan, Councillor, one year term
Jodi MacKay, Councillor, one year term
Steve Matson - Member at Large, two year term
Bobby Barach - Member at Large, two year term
Scott Roberts - Member at Large, three year term
Melinda Norris - Member at Large, three year term
Oliver Jacob - Member at Large, three year term

Mayor Jeff Cantwell, ex-officio
Erin Beaudin - CAO, ex-officio
Chrystal Fuller - Director Community Development, ex-officio

Committee Reference Material

Planning Advisory Committee Policy

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2017 PAC Documents & Recordings

Meeting DateAgendaMinutesRecording
2017-07-19 View   Listen
2017-06-29 View    
2017-06-21 View   Listen
2017-05-17 View View Listen
2017-04-19 View View Listen
2017-03-22 View View Listen
2017-01-25 View View Listen

2016 PAC Documents & Recordings

Meeting DateAgendaMinutesRecording
2016-11-28 View View Listen
2016-09-28 View View Listen
2016-08-25 View  View Listen
2016-07-27 View View Listen
2016-06-27 View View Listen
2016-05-25 View View Listen
2016-04-27 View View Listen
2016-03-30 View View Listen

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What We Heard Report

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2015 PAC Documents & Recordings

Meeting DateAgendaMinutesRecording
2015-11-02 View View Listen
2015-09-30 View View Listen
2015-08-20 View View  N/A
2015-07-23 (Special) View View Listen
2015-07-15 View View Listen
2015-06-17 View View Listen
2015-05-20 View View Listen
2015-04-15 View View Listen